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Take a sneak peek!

The Executive Directors of the Campus Theatre, CommUnity Zone, and the

Lewisburg Downtown Partnership are excited to introduce 

Live From Lewisburg Variety Show!

The Live From Lewisburg Variety Show will host it's 4th installment on Wednesday, May 17, at the Campus Theatre in Downtown Lewisburg. The show is intended to be a showcase of the professional artistic talent in the Susquehanna River Valley. 


For approximately one hour, our host Monica Prince, the rockabilly band, the theatre’s organist, our projectionists, and a crowd of guest players will guide our audience through vignettes, performances, and observations both funny and sincere.

The Live From Lewisburg Variety Show will feature music, dance, comedy, flashes of vaudeville, live television, the circus, and dust covered 8mm home movies. The Live From Lewisburg Variety Show will embrace the playful and nostalgic variety show format, and—against the patina of the historic Campus Theatre—pull the variety show into the 21st Century!

Like other variety shows before us—The Ed Sullivan Show, Prairie Home Companion, Laugh-In, and The Muppet Show, the Live From Lewisburg Variety Show will bring our audience all the things that have made variety shows popular over the years.  This show will offer the opportunity to enjoy a live, intimate on stage performance as well as offering the show to an unlimited number of viewers by streaming the program online.

Click on the picture above --or click here--to visit the Live From Lewisburg Website for more information!

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