Advertise with us!

Why Your Support Matters

Built in 1941, and one of the few remaining single-screen Art Deco movie houses in the country, The Campus Theatre remains dedicated to the promotion of the art of cinema and the historic preservation of this architectural treasure. We are committed to offering diverse film programming, with a balance of popular, fine art, and independent films, that bring understanding to contemporary concerns.
Single screen, Art Deco theatres like the Campus Theatre are disappearing at an alarming rate. Once gone, they traditionally are gone for good. As a non-profit organization we depend largely on the generous support of our community members to help ensure our doors remain open and our programming can continue for generations to come!

Why Advertise With The Campus Theatre?

Our thirty minute preshow is presented prior to every Campus Theatre programmed film. The preshow is updated each month and includes a series of 7 second ads, shown 3 times, showcasing local merchants, events, and member appreciation. Advertising with The Campus Theatre is an effective way to promote your business at flexible and affordable rates!

Additional benefits include:

  • Your message is seen by an average of over 38,000 local viewers per year, who believe in the importance of supporting local businesses
  • Catching your customers when they are relaxed and focused on your message
  • Moviegoers are a more captive audience than television viewers
  • By showcasing your business on our screen and in our lobby, you show our patrons, your customers the value that you place on our mutual need to operate successfully
  • 100% of the proceeds support The Campus Theatre

Details & Specifications

  • All advertisements are to be provided electronically as a PNG, JPEG file at 1280 x 720 (1K) or 1998 x 1280 pixels (landscape format)
  • An ad can be created for you in-house – inquire for details
  • All ads are subject to approval
  • The Campus Theatre reserves the right to restrict or refuse any ad deemed inappropriate
  • The Campus Theatre facilities or resources may not be used for religious purposes, by or on behalf of, an outside organization or outside individual whose purpose is political, to lobby issue or further the cause of a candidate or political party
  • Onscreen advertising does not indicate an endorsement of the advertiser


One Month $175
Three Months $450
Six Months $800
Twelve Months $1200

*Monthly payment plans are available

Contact Gabriele Antensteiner for more information