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*We now have a handling fee of $2 per bottle of wine or $2 per person drinking beer so that we can continue to allow alcohol in the theatre on BYOB Nites.

  • The BYOB policy at the Campus Theatre is only applicable for specified BYOB Announced Screenings. Check our calender for announced BYOB Nite.

  • Upon entering the Theatre, all BYOB participating guests must check in at the Concession counter (“B.Y.O.B. Check In” sign).

  • Theatre guests may consume 12 ounces of wine or 36 ounces of beer per person.

  • Concession staff will check all guests' identification at check in (guests must be 21 or over with proper I.D.). No exceptions. 

  • Alcohol may not be served to, consumed by, or possessed by anyone under the age of 21.

  • Alcohol may not be consumed from its original container. No glass or cans may be brought into the main theatre area.

  • You may come to the Concession counter for refills during the movie.

  •  Oversized purses, large bags and backpacks will not be allowed in the main Theatre for BYOB Announced Screenings. 

*Management reserves the right to deny service at any time. Questions? E-mail

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